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How to count to 99 in Chinese

Let’s learn how to count in Chinese today. Good news, the numerical system in Chinese is very straightforward and simple! Different from English, it doesn’t require you to count multiples of ten such as twenty, or forty in unique way, and it doesn’t require you to add “-teen” after numbers that come after ten. So Read more about How to count to 99 in Chinese[…]

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成语 – What is a chéngyǔ?

Chéng yǔ (成语) is a type of traditional Chinese idiomatic expression, or simply ‘Chinese idioms’, typically consisting of four characters. It is widely used in Classical Chinese and are still common in vernacular Chinese writing and in the spoken language today. Today, there are between 5,000 and 20,000 chéng yǔ (成语). Made out of four Read more about 成语 – What is a chéngyǔ?[…]

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How to ask about age, height and weight in Chinese

“How old are you?’ “How tall are you?” “What’s your weight?” These are not just important questions for doctors — but for you! The everyday person! We’ll teach you these questions and more through a few simple conversations. Want to get more introduction related hints? Check out our blog posts like “what’s your name?” Asking Read more about How to ask about age, height and weight in Chinese[…]

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Know your AQI. Traveling past pollution in China.

If you are thinking about traveling or living in mainland China, then you’re probably concerned about pollution. While you’ve undoubtedly heard many horror stories about different types of pollution (water, food, sound), today we will focus primarily on the air quality in China and smog in particular. To give some context first, you have to Read more about Know your AQI. Traveling past pollution in China.[…]

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How to boost your speaking and listening skills in Chinese

  We think this is an important and often overlooked question. Having started studying Chinese from scratch later in life… it is very difficult to even understand what “good Chinese” or “correct Chinese” sounds like. A lot of people who decide to study Chinese at University have language courses with several second generation Chinese, who Read more about How to boost your speaking and listening skills in Chinese[…]

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Learn how to say “Thank You!” in Chinese

When starting to learn Chinese there are certain necessary phrases you need to learn first. And isn’t it better to start with the polite ones? So we’re going to start with a word second in importance only to ‘Ni Hao!’. A word you you will hear frequently throughout your time in China (restaurants, transportation, taking Read more about Learn how to say “Thank You!” in Chinese[…]

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What’s your name?

Getting to know someone else isn’t always that simple — especially when it is in another language. Trying to speak even just a few sentences in the native language of a foreigner you want to get to know, always shows your interest and respect to that person. And as we all know – It is all Read more about What’s your name?[…]