How to flirt with a Chinese Girl/ Boy

Some people say the appeal of Asian women is undeniable, as most of them get straight black hair, high cheekbones, mysterious eyes, and trim petite bodies. Not to mention, the Chinese girls. Since you’re learning Chinese, you might wanna get a rough idea how to strike up a conversation with an attractive girl (or maybe Read more about How to flirt with a Chinese Girl/ Boy[…]

How to ask about someone’s job?

If you have already started learning Chinese, you might have noticed, that many Chinese learning books teach you how to ask “Are you busy?” (你忙吗? – Nǐ máng ma?) even before you are able to introduce yourself. Wondering why? Chinese people are often quite busy. If you consider that most people only have 5 paid Read more about How to ask about someone’s job?[…]

TutorMandarin Ask About Time in Chinese How to ask the time

Ask About Time

Whether you are making travel arrangements or asking others schedule in Chinese-speaking countries, you have to know how to times,  dates, and more in Chinese. Learning how to talk and ask about time can help you organize the itinerary, and avoid you from confusion. Vocabulary  English Chinese Pinyin morning 早上 zăoshàng noon 中午 zhōngwŭ afternoon Read more about Ask About Time[…]

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Learn Greeting in Chinese!

Greet your friends in Chinese! It’s always nice to start a relationship with “greeting”. And you are required to have basic concept of it in order to ask Chinese locals for help ,or express your needs. This post is totally what you need , now learn the simple but useful phrases with TutorMandarin.  Let’s begin!  Read more about Learn Greeting in Chinese![…]

Ask about family

Wanna introduce your family to others in Chinese, but no idea where to start from? No worries, in today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about the size of your family, and of course, the members in it. Let’s start! Conversation Ask About Family 1) A: Nǐ jiā yǒu duōshǎo (jǐ kǒu)rén ? 你家有多少(几口)人? How many Read more about Ask about family[…]