Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge

Using a lot of alliteration in sentences, tongue twisters are definitely a great way to practice and improve your pronunciation, accent and fluency when learning a language. You would notice a remarkable improvement in your proficiency of language when practicing a few twisters everyday. Today, we at TutorMandarin will try to teach you how to Read more about Chinese Tongue Twister Challenge[…]

Chinese swear words

Speaking vulgarly is so common for all, regardless of nationalities, even in a furious mood or some certain situation. Knowing different versions of cursing words is somehow like building a “lingua franca” among friends. So today, let’s learn some 粗話 (cūhuà – bad words) in Chinese for fun. Before we start, we would seriously warn Read more about Chinese swear words[…]

Learn Chinese from Jokes TutorMandarin

Learn Chinese from jokes

Let’s learn Chinese jokes and learn Chinese from jokes! Every nation has a special humor, influenced by peoples’ culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is quite helpful to know some good jokes, if you want to make new friends in a Chinese speaking country. To understand a joke 笑话 (xiào huà) in Chinese, Read more about Learn Chinese from jokes[…]

Only China Foodies Will Know

Calling all Chinese learners that are also foodies, listen up! Come learn some new ways to talk about food with the passion it deserves. Come commiserate about the Chinese food problems we all have (Shandong pancakes being sold out, eating your nut bracelet). Come enjoy this great video from TM Shanghai. Vocabulary 螃蟹 pángxiè crab 红烧 hóngshāo braised 发胖 fāpàng Read more about Only China Foodies Will Know[…]