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谈虎色变 – One’s express changes when tiger is mentioned

The chéngyǔ 谈虎色变 (tán hǔ sè biàn) is broken down in into the four words –  talk to(谈tán ) tiger (虎hǔ) color (色sè) change (变biàn). This is often translated to “one’s expression changes when ‘tiger’ is mentioned.’’ Once upon a time, there was man talking to his fellow villagers (村民 cūnmín) about the dangers of[…]

Chinese Drama Recommendation

What is one of the best free ways to learn Chinese? Television! By watching shows or drama, you can learn how native speakers communicate in certain situations, and improve your listening! Furthermore, ALL Chinese shows and movies have subtitles which makes it even more appropriate to learn Chinese. The reason for Chinese subtitles is, that[…]